Who we are


We are a seed and venture capital firm that invests in people and teams who dare, create and care. We work with entrepreneurs that want to build great products and services for consumers and businesses. We have offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

What we believe

We believe in products and services that are simply amazing. And we believe that the people who build these have the imagination and creativity, but also the guts and drive to change the lives of millions of people. Working for them is the best that ever happened to you.

How we work

When we evaluate an opportunity, we look at the people, the product and the vision behind it. We only take risk on products and services that we understand, that we love using and on people and teams that we would work for ourselves. We are honest and loyal to the people we work with.


What we offer

For us this is personal. We love technology that improves in a disruptive way, brands that create trust and inspiration, food that tastes amazing, that makes you healthier. We invest with our heads and our hearts. We work as part of the team and sometimes we build teams around great ideas.

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